Types of complaints

With which types of complaints may you approach the ombudsman service?

The ombudsman handles all possible complaints that can arise between a lawyer and his client and that relate to the provision of services by the lawyer. Either party may submit a complaint.


  • a client feels that a lawyer is overcharging for his services;
  • a client is dissatisfied because he can never reach his lawyer or his emails are not answered regularly;
  • a lawyer feels that his client is not providing enough information for him to be able to handle the case properly;
  • a lawyer is dissatisfied because his client is too late in providing necessary evidence or documents.

With which types of complaints may you not approach the ombudsman service?

The ombudsman is not authorised to deal with disciplinary infringements. If your lawyer has committed a disciplinary infringement (i.e. an infringement of his professional rules), you can approach the chairman of the bar where your lawyer is registered. The chairman heads the bar.

You can check which bar your lawyer is registered atĀ  via thisĀ  link.

The contact details of the chairmen of the different bars are available here.

Always try to discuss your complaint with your lawyer first;

A good talk can already make a difference